BBQ blog 3

The Huz and the Parakeet have such a lovely backyard. It is part of why they were so excited to move into this apartment two and a half years ago (wow).  They tend to spend much of the summer sitting in the backyard. The Huz loves to grill and they invite people over and they eat. Outside.
It is lovely.
They have gotten to know quite a few of the neighbors this way and once the Huz has coals going someone always has a few sausages they’d like to throw on.  They don’t complain.
One of their good neighbor-friends has decided to move to the Burbs (shock and horror) to be closer to his family.
They threw him a potluck-going-away BBQ the weekend before last. So GREAT! There was horrible rain in the morning, but the Huz was determined to smoke the 8lb Brisquet he bought at the Paulina Meat Market.
He ended up sitting in the garage the first couple hours until the rain passed. Seriously – he was determined. As the sun peaked through the clouds, he wheeled the grill back into the yard.  The neighbors began to come down around 4 and the party went on till after 10.  A Great time and soo soo much food had by all.
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