New this week 06/29

Just as everyone told her it would, the Parakeet feels like things with Little O are “going so fast”.
In an effort to keep some sort of record and savor the memories, she will be starting a “new this week” post on Mondays.
Over the past week, there have been a few new things for Little O:

-brushing his teeth. LOVES it. Has taken to reaching for the toothbrush whenever he is in the bathroom and chomping on it.
-a new tooth cut up top. This brings the total to Seven! holy moly, people – that is a mouthful.
-Mulch.  Just when Little O got used to grass, the Parakeet took him to a playlot that was covered in mulch.  He froze.  This was new and different, he thought.  He slowly got into a squat position and stayed that way for a while before picking up one piece of mulch ever so slowly, and..yep you guessed it putting it in his mouth. Hilarious.  and disgusting.  The Parakeet promptly said her favorite word lately, “yucky” and he took a few steps over to the slide.
-POOL!  The Parakeet bought Little O a pool. He is being very cautious about this one.  She tried to put him in Friday afternoon and he had a panic attack.  Too Cold! Too Awful! Too Too Much Summer Fun!  BUT Saturday afternoon, the babysitter was much more gentle and patient and apparently he had a lovely time. Hopefully mama will witness it soon.
-some new music.  The Parakeet had grown a little weary of the 123s (as awesome as they are).  Little O now has a CD of Ralph’s World (side note: the Parakeet did a reading of a show this guy wrote the music for a few years ago. No idea he was a children’s superstar), Justin Roberts, and Elizabeth Mitchell. They are all GREAT and are so good for mealtime and making sure the little guy doesn’t get mindless tv time.
-Zucchini.  Of course – loves it. On Friday night, Little O ate half a zucchini, a bunch of spinach, and half a banana.  Woah.  Guess all this playing is making him hungry 🙂

Who knows what this week will bring?

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One response to “New this week 06/29

  1. Oh I know I’ll love this series! 7 teeth?!? Oh boy!

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