In the Kitchen with the Keet and Salad Dressing?

Well, this week has had some fun happening in the kitchen.

The Keet had some more rhubarb to chop:
rhubarb blog
which became these lovely strawberry rhubarb muffins.  The Huz has politely requested there be more of these and there probably will be…The Keet has two 9AM appointments at the house this week, and what better to offer than strawberry rhubarb muffins?

muffins blog
She soaked two lbs of beans for Little O.  He has not eaten them all yet, do not worry.

bean soak blog
She spent Saturday morning with some broccoli and lemons – she steamed 3lbs of broccoli for Little O and juiced lemons for lemonade. 

Not to mention what came in the CSA box this week – Wowsa.  A few things she has never cooked with; garlic scapes, mini-onions, turnips, collard greens and kohlrabi.  This is a lot of research for one week of cooking.  So far she made a garlic scape carbonara – yummy.  She is planning on cooking the collard greens today and the turnips on Tuesday.  That just seems appropriate – collard greens on Sunday – turnips on Tuesday.  So that means – do something with Kohlrabi on Monday before the next CSA box gets here…hmmm….any kohlrabi suggestions?

In case you were as clueless as the bird, this is a kohlrabi:

Now – they are also eating a TREMENDOUS amount of salad getting two -three heads of lettuce a week. So, please send over your salad dressing recipes. The keet is tired of buying it. She is going to make it.  They like the creamy and they like vinaigrette. They just don’t much care for the fruity-berry dressings.  Go.  Email them or just put them in the comments for everyone to enjoy.


3 responses to “In the Kitchen with the Keet and Salad Dressing?

  1. you need to speak with house of kee on the salad dressing a great, simple balsamic vinigrette

  2. OK, my simplest go-to is:
    Lemon juice
    Dijon Mustard
    herbs de provence


  3. Good things for dressings (other than the basics of evoo, salt, pepper and): rice wine, champagne, and apple cider vinegar, honey, mustard, nut oils such as sesame, walnut or hazelnut, shallot, rosemary, avocado (delish! pureed), lemon or orange zest, etc.

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