Happy 4th!!

Yay for Independence!
Well, the Winnemac Park Fireworks did not disappoint. Second Year in a row.  There seems to be an explanation needed: Many searches for ‘winnemac park fireworks’ have landed people on this blog.  There is not an official display.  This is not put on by the Park District.  The fireworks in this park are done by a few families every year in different spots in the park.  They start around nine-ish. They finish around ten-thirty-ish when the park closes.  In between, the police look the other way, there is much smoke, running around of children, lawn chairs, dogs, coolers filled with beverages, and general summer-time happiness. It is totally a home-grown crazy celebration. 
That said, some of the Keet and Huz’ guests had a better time than others.  No – Little O did not make it.  They tried to keep him up  later than usual, but by eight o’clock he was begging for his crib.  The little guy LOVES his routine.  So, they went in shifts. 
Seriously, Chicago, a high of 69?  Showers turning into Thunderstorms??  GET over yourself.
The BBQ was moved inside.  Poor Huz spent all day grilling a brisket in the garage. AGAIN.  Then, he did some amazing salmon and burgers.  YUM.  They ended up with about 16 people and almost no left-overs.  A great time for sure.

Happy 4th!!!


One response to “Happy 4th!!

  1. Your 4th sounds like ours. First time in 25+ years we didn’t see parade because of rain. But we enjoyed the local fireworks on the big 5th of July.

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