New This Week 07/06

IMG_3570Little O has had some quality time with mom over the past week.  They took a BIG trip down to the Taste of Chicago on Friday and visited Dad.  O did really good with the crowds and the smoke from the Rib tent.  He did not do so well with the el, however.  The Parakeet really underestimated how long that would take – two 45 min trips where you can’t move is one and a half too many for Little O. 
On the way down, he got really mad and so the Parakeet took him out of his stroller and gave him a bottle.  When she was getting near their stop in the loop, she put him back in the stroller. BIG mistake.  He did the whole flip-top head thing and smoke started coming out of his ears.  The Parakeet made the only logical decision and got off a stop early.  Of course, as soon as the stroller was moving, he was totally fine. 
After they sat with the Huz and had lunch, they stopped at Millenium Park’s Family Fest before braving the el ride home.  Little O really liked this kid’s tent and they may be back again before summer is out. They had live music, a big area with books, an area with lots of blocks and a crafts table.  O was much too little for lots of this stuff, but had fun toddling around the ‘dance floor’.  
When they got back to the good ol’ Damen Brown Line stop, the Parakeet felt her shoulders drop.

First foods this week: Black Beans – LOVED them, but not the next day….super duper tummy ache. lesson learned.  Pineapple – Blech. O spit out every piece, maybe pureed with pears?

Babbles: Adding the “O” sound to things. “Doh, Doh and Boh, Boh”.  The Huz and Keet are thinking it is because he hears “O” so much from them.  Pretty cute, ecspecially when followed by his funny lip blowing bubble making sounds.  He is also clucking his tongue a lot.  We think babysitter K might have taught him that. It’s a pretty fun mimic trick. 

Hands: O is waving – but just back at himself.

Around the House: O is really enjoying the garden.  He is touching the marigolds as often as possible.  Inside, he is determined to pull on cords.  When the Parakeet tells him, “careful” and moves him to another area of the room, he stands for a moment and screams.  It’s super awesome and dangerously close to a sort of two-year-old fit.  She is not enjoying these thirty-second outbursts.

Toys: Faves right now are the big Teddy Bear and cuddly Elephant – he carries them around a while and then stops to lay his head on them like a pillow.  Kind of hilarious. They have also put magnets on the refrigerator within his reach.  He likes to take them down and put them back up and eat them.  This seems to keep him from opening the fridge – at least a little.

oh, the O-ster…
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One response to “New This Week 07/06

  1. Grandpa & Grandma Hoyer

    Hi, Sara: You and John are going to be great parents. Not because of all that stuff you listed – which is also important. If there’s one thing we did right, I think it’s this: Each kid always knew he/she was loved! Nothing they could do about that – it was a daily present from their parents. I think Baby O is catching on that he is loved, too!
    So are you! Grandpa and Grandma

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