monday news 7/13

This update is a bit late. 1000 pardons.

Little O still does not cease to amaze his parents.
A Few Firsts:

Yesterday, they took O to the nursery at church from the get-go.  Usually, he starts service with them and then as he gets more vocal or more antsy – they may take him down to the nursery (yes, this is the midwest, the church has a basement with a kitchen and nursery) or walk him around.  Well, with all the walking he’s doing these days – they didn’t kid themselves and O went to nursery from the get-go.  He did great and apparently played with a little boy named Nathan the whole time.  The Parakeet was strangely nervous about it, though, and almost left to go get him twice.  She also missed carrying him up front during communion for his blessing.

Little O is now doing squats. Yep. He squats and puts his hands out like a chicken and goes “hoo, hoo”.  The Huz can get him to do it by imitation.  It is cracking them up daily.  Daily.

Last week O went to his first Cubs Game!! Maybe that deserves its own post…

Last week O also went to the city pool for the first time.  The Parakeet got them both sun-screened up and drove over for the 45 minutes of Family Tot Swim.  She bravely wore a bathing suit *ahem* and carried her babe into the pool one step at a time.  Someone needs to let Chicago know that it is July. The water was chilly!  Little O did not cry but he clung to her very very tightly.  He kept looking at her like, “mom, what are we doing? my bottom is sooo cold.”  She got him to put his face in twice, but he coughed a lot.  She also got him to grab a fun-noodle, but he never wanted to lay on his back as the lifeguards kept suggesting.  He did his best and he was adorable. 

New Foods: Kale – he didn’t mind it one bit.  Turnips – not so much, should have mashed them more   Little O can not get enough of his yogurt. He is very sad when the yogurt is done.

Actually, that was a bit of a first – the disappointment.  Little O is beginning to get VERY upset when he is not allowed to do what he wants to do.  For example, Little O is toddling towards the bathroom excitedly.  The Parakeet shuts the bathroom door. Little O turns around, sticks his lower lip down below his chin and bellows.  He balls his little fists and wills his face the color of a tomato.  The Parakeet laughs.  Fifteen seconds pass. He goes on to something else.  Could this be the beginning of tantrums? Oh, help them. He’s not even one.
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