Fun With Da-Da

The Parakeet and Huz are both working here and there and everywhere.  Lately, though, the Huz has been able to stay home with Owen while the Parakeet goes downtown to the “Office” two days a week.  This has saved them a little money on babysitting and is great for Little O.
He and Dad have quite a morning routine.  The Huz does things differently than the Parakeet sometimes, but it really works for the boys.  Little O is now very excited to see Da-Da.  When he comes in the room, he smiles and yells.  As he toddles out of a room, the Huz has only to yell “Do, Do, Do, Do” and Little O stops, turns arounds, smiles and falls to the floor. He is so happy to know that Da-Da is about to scoop him back up and run with him back to the living room.
Last Friday morning, the Parakeet had to go to the office for an unexpected emergency.  Boo.
So, the Huz stayed home from his shop to play with Little O.  They built a fort in the living room and O had a super fun morning.
While all of this financial re-arranging, schedule-hopping, penny-pinching, credit-card finaggling, savings-draining, risk-taking year has been super stressful, the benefit has been that Little O is growing up with a strong presence from both Mom and Dad. The Parakeet has a parenting partner in the Huz and they are making it work.

fort blog 1
fort blog 2


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