Re-Claim, Re-Organize

The Parakeet is taking part in a year-long life and business coaching program.  It may sound a little wackadoo zoo to you, but it is going really well, and she will tell you more about it if you email her.  The whole first month focused on Choice Management, commonly called Time Management.  Seriously – there were HUGE lessons during these few weeks. The Parakeet feels greater control and calm throughout each of her days.  She has broken some old habits and replaced them with healthier ones.  One big assignment that took her a while to commit to, however, was ‘re-claiming’ her office space.  The assignment was to take 2-5 hours and take everything out of the office that was not attached to the floor.  Then, put it back in after throwing, tossing, or moving out everything extraneous.  Basically – create systems, get organized.  Start a “to-file” pile, but do not file during this time.  Just get the job done.
Well, the Parakeet was so scared of this task.  Over the past year, her office has Imploded, Exploded, and Vomited.  Her once adorable sun-room has become the clutter magnet of the house holding everything from empty formula cans to Arbonne samples to Family pictures.  Aack.
But she knew it would feel so good to have in clean and organized. She just didn’t believe it would take only 2-5 hours – it looked so overhwhelming. She tried to focus on how it would feel to have it done. 
When she could no longer ignore that the messy Office was preventing her from working, she decided that Saturday night would be the time. She would put O to bed and tackle the room.  She would have to finish because O can’t have all that stuff in the living room come morning. 
The Huz went to the shop because he needed to work, and he did not want to witness the horror.
The Parakeet read every blog she could think of in a small effort to procrastinate and then turned off the computer. No distractions.

BEFORE (it is a brave thing to bare one’s cluttered rooms, so be gentle)
clutter blog 1
clutter blog 4
clutter blog 3
clutter blog 2

She began around 7:45.  By 8:30, she had everything in the living room:

clutter blog 5
and by 11:45 – yes, on a Saturday night (yay! parenthood) -she was done. Holy Moly. What a Project.  She threw out some old things and put some things in other closets.  She should have a garage sale – seriously.  Maybe there will be time for that in September. 
It was such a GREAT feeling to have everything its place – a new place, but a place 🙂
Sometimes the Artist personality is so messy and resists order.  Then, when things are tidy all of the creative urges come up again – maybe there actually  needs to be room and space for creative thoughts.  Surely there are people who have written books about that concept already.
cluttler blog 6
clutter blog 7
clutter blog 8
clutter blog 9
Hee. It’s so much darker in the after shots.  Well, that was totally worth four hours.  Where can you spend four hours this week? What space do you want to re-claim?
Let’s hope the Parakeet is not writing about this room again next July

By the way, the most ridiculous thing found in the office came in the form of an office supply.  The Parakeet loves office supplies and re-uses them forever to be a bit more ‘green’ and budget-friendly.  She is a fan of erasble tab dividers for ring binders and has used them for a long time. Apparently.  She threw one out last night that said “Vietnam”.  Now, nothing the Parakeet ever would have to label “Vietnam” could have happened since highschool history classes.  So, good thing, the Parakeet moved some erasable tab dividers from Florida to Texas to Maine to Florida to Chicago to three different apartments.  Yeesh.


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