Monday News 07/20

Little O.  Well, he just isn’t so little anymore.  This Monday New-Stuff update he is eleven months old! Seriously?  Almost a year? Gasp. Sigh. Aack.

Speaking of dramatic sounds, Little O’s latest trick is to fake sneeze.  His mother, the Parakeet, inherited sneezing tactfully from her father.  She could wake the neighbors.  It’s all in the wind-up.  So, after listening to his mom a few mornings ago, Little O looked at her and said, AAAA tsoo.  Then, he laughed.  He will now give you an AAAtsoo and a grin as long as you do it first.  Imitation: This could be hours of fun.

Last Tuesday, Little O took his second trip to the city pool.  No one else was there this time except an elderly woman named Cookie who was trying to get over a water accident from fifty years ago.  Yes. That’s Right.
So, Cookie struggled to hang on to the ledge and maybe grab a kickboard while Little O clung to Mom begging for some sunshine.  What a pair.  This trip, he did let her put him on his tummy and move him around through te water with motorboat sounds.  Ultimately, he was much more interested in the Life Guard’s tennis ball than a funnoodle.  Oh Well – she’ll have to force him to love the water later in life.

The Sad first of last week involved Little O’s strength.  He is so excited to be walking that he must be carrying something. All the time. Even if it is heavy.  Everywhere he goes.  He found a little book box the Parakeet has had since she was small. It is made of wood and has a bear in a dress painted on the side.  Little O got it by both sides and began to walk with it.  The Parakeet was super nervous.  He dropped it once or twice, but just picked it up again.  Then, he dropped it a third time. On his toe.  There was blood. There was crying.  It was all quite dramatic.  Mom and Dad were both home to kiss it and put a band-aid on it.  Little O appreciated the attention, but quickly disposed of the band-aid.  Eh, he’s fine.

So…. cuter than cuteness – call Captain Cute of Cutetown- Little O is seeking out affection.  He was such a snuggly newborn, if you recall. Put me in the Moby, please. Never set me down. Not even for an itty bitty teeny tiny newborn minute.  Then, that sort of slowed down. It’s baaaack.  Little O will walk over to Mom or Dad as quick as his toddler feet will carry him and HUG their legs.  It will melt the iciest of hearts. It. Is. Adorable.  Who doesn’t want an eleven-month old hugging their legs? A grump. That’s who.  Pretty soon, he’ll do it to other people, too.  Hopefully in time for their next family trip. 

Thanks for the Hugs, Little O.

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One response to “Monday News 07/20

  1. Grandpa & Grandma Hoyer

    Sara and John: Sounds like you two are having all the fun that new parents with a healthy GENIUS child should be having. Can’t wait to see him and you next month. We have plane reservations to Sanford for Aug. 30 baptism! We love you all a LOT. Grandpa and Grandma

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