Veg-Tastic Kitchen Update

The Huz and Parakeet are now 1/4 of the way through their CSA – 5 weeks. The Kohlrabi is done. At least two weeks of it. There probably won’t be more. The Parakeet turned it into Kohlrabi/Squash Empanadas one night, a lovely chicken sausage and veggie saute another night and finally ‘cheesy kohlrabi’ which was a lot like scalloped potatoes.
Verdict: She likes the Kohlrabi.

veg blog 3

So much lettuce. The Parakeet has been experimenting with the salad dressings and that seems to be the best plan. Just keep experimenting – use olive oil, lemon juice, some herbs, some pepper and maybe a cheese or a different vinegar.  It’s working out fine and no more $4 a bottle dressings.
She got a huge head of red cabbage last week.  She made a Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw for a church potluck.  The nice surprise there was that the salad was actually purple!
veg blog 1
This picture looks a little yucky, but it was actually very good.

She also had quite a few zucchini. Little O really like the  pureed zucchini, but she also made two loaves of zucchini bread AND a delicious stuffed zucchini.  How can you go wrong with zucchini, cheese, and bread?
There were beets.  Little O also like those pureed.  The Parakeet took the other two and did a delicious arugula salad for date night with the Huz on Sunday. After O went to bed, the Huz grilled two ribeyes, the Parakeet made salads and kohlrabi.  They sat down at a nicely set table like two adults. It was really fun.  Date Night IN turns out to be a good idea, too.
veg blog 2
Every week, they get a fresh herb in addition to the veggies and fruit.  The first two weeks were mint – yum, citrus salads and mojitos.  The second two weeks – parsley.  Curly and Flat-leafed. Ugh.  To quote the Huz, “how much stuff do they want me to garnish?”
So, in at attempt to use it all up, the Parakeet made a Parsley Pesto last week. They ate it with pasta and chicken.  Verdict: Bo-to the-Ring. Still Parsley – just a little olive oil and pine nuts with it.
This last week was Dill – so the Huz is hoping to grill some salmon and potatoes. Yummmmm.
So, they are still loving the organic, farm-fresh veggies every week.  It means they HAVE to cook, but that can’t be a bad thing.  Yay for CSA.


4 responses to “Veg-Tastic Kitchen Update

  1. I just caught up on all I have missed. Did you get any recipe’s for salad dressing? I’ll have to look and see what I can find. I usually just do a balsamic. Little O is getting to be such a big boy! You’re doing a good job, Mama.

  2. Very inspiring! Yum!

  3. I can’t ever get behind parsley either! One thing I’ve noticed though (now that I get the Rachael Ray mag) is that RR puts it in EVERYthing. I only ever use about half of what she calls for.

  4. runyanthree

    You are amazing and creative. I would not touch any of that with a ten foot pole…but you all that health. I’m proud. 🙂

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