Monday News 07/27 on a Wednesday

Little O’s favorite toy of the week is empty Formula Cannisters.  Did you know how much can be done with those things? They can be banged on, stacked, rolled, dropped, and carried.  They are amazing!  The Parakeet is going to cover them so they are more attractive very soon. She vaguely remembers there being a crafty blog out there ( that explained just how to do that.

new foods: beets, cottage cheese, kiwi, and back to an old favorite – SQUASH – this time a summer variety.  The Parakeet threw pasta into a few purees this week and He LOVED that. So, pasta it is!

This is as far as the Parakeet got with her Little O update last week before abandoning the task to do things that would help the family get ready for a ROAD TRIP!

monday updates may be over with. Turns out that is too much for the bird.


One response to “Monday News 07/27 on a Wednesday

  1. hey. if you have beets you should try making borshch. it´s this russian soup made with beets and we had it a lot in ukraine. it´s good with sour cream.

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