All Weekend

The Russell House has been a flurry this week getting ready for the big Glenwood Ave Arts Fest this weekend.  The Huz decided on Monday night to get three more toy boxes made.  On Thursday, he was there until after 2 in the morning! The Parakeet is supporting in her own way.  She has lists on clipboards of everything to bring, lists on the computer of who is doing what when, and she spent three days chasing down a credit card imprinter.  Those things are apparently relics.  No one carries them.  Her poor planning was no one’s emergency  – that’s for sure.  BUT – here is where props will be doled out when they are earned – Bank of America’s great customer service – her local Bank Manager just loaned her one for the weekend that she usually uses to make cash advances. AWESOME. Now they will not rub credit cards against a table with a pen like a Chinese Food Delivery man.

So, if you are in Chicago – check it out:

If you are everywhere else (other than Chicago), the website should have some pretty major changes by Saturday, so check that out:

This is the Bird and Huz’ first event of this kind, so send them lots of good energy and prayers.  The Parakeet is hoping her home-made chocolate chip cookies will bring lots of excited people over to their tent and onto their mailing list 🙂


One response to “All Weekend

  1. How did it go? We would have loved to stop by but I was gone from 10am til 11pm. But I’m hoping the effort was worth it!

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