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Social, Social…

Nearly two weeks ago now (the parakeet has to get better about updating this blog) the Bird and the Carpenter were able to attend a wedding reception for two great friends.  It was in Wrigleyville on a Saturday night.  Pretty much they haven’t done that sort of thing since the Parakeet was serving up improvised humor over a television screen to people who were eating dinner.  Not only did they get to spend some quality time with Chicago friends and reconnect with some people from the theater scene, they also got a special visit from two of their favorite people that live in L.A.  The Parkeet got a new little dress and tights and borrowed some Great booties from another friend.  They danced, drank, and stayed out late while another good friend watched their tivo and waited to see if O would light up the baby monitor (he did not) . It was so nice for them to get out on the Huz’ first day off in three weeks.  Enjoy some of the pics that the bird was able to catch when she remembered. 


First Things First

An apology to loyal readers: the Parakeet has not posted in a  while because she is working a lot – at home, at other jobs, and just in general.  She has been trying to be super efficient with her time and lots of days, the old blog falls off the list.
But – here she is – overdue and probably not super inspired, but updating nonetheless.

Near the middle of August, the Parakeet’s parents came to Chi town for a visit.  It was soooo much fun.  While they were here, they celebrated Little O’s day with a party!! All of his babysitters from the past year were invited.  O had a great time – he opened presents, had his first cupcake and got to talk with the guys over burgers about the Cubs. 
Some say they are setting their son up for a life of disappointment, but the Keet and Huz felt like Cubs talk was just getting him used to teh neighborhood.
Did he like his cupcake? Well, it was covered in delicious blue frosting which he LOVED and smeared everywhere.  The next morning, he saw one on the dining room table with his GB (Grandma Betty).  He immediately pointed at it and “ooo, Ooo”ed until he got a bite.
So, perhaps, he is officially onto sweets.
He also got a few toy cars that propel forward after being “revved” up.  Those cars were the hit of the day regressing all thirty-somethings in the backyard at least twenty years.  Soon the ‘boys’ were building ramps out of Little O’s new books to jump the cars over.  Lots of fun was had by all – and finally the Keet and Huz had a BBQ on a sunny day.  Gratitude all around.

Some fun from the big day: