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End of Month

Nearing the end of October, here are a few things the Parakeet is really enjoying. What are you enjoying?

-The National Park documentary on PBS
-Pumpkins and Squash, in oh so many forms
-Peppermint Tea
-Little O’s new dance moves
-SeaSource Detox Spa Cleanse
-Journal Time
-Trips to the Library
-The Colors of Fall Leaves- this year is an extra special “Wow”

What are you enjoying?


Surprise Visits

During September, the Parakeet’s little bro returned from traveling around the world.  He then proceeded to tour the country.  He, and his friend Erin, made it all the way to Chicago the last weekend of September to see his godson (and his parents).  It was such a FUN visit. 
The Parakeet was busy busy with Arbonne that weekend, but it was a rare weekend off for the Huz and they made the most of it – catching up on some football, taking O to the park, and enjoying lots of food.
Can you tell they like each other?
Sept 041

When Little O sleeps for five hours..

Little O had a fever this week. The Parakeet suspects a molar, but can’t see or feel anything back there. He’s been sleeping hard and whining hard. It’s been tiring.  So, on Thursday when he went down for his nap at 1:15, what did the bird do? Well, what would you do?

Probably first,  you quick make a lunch and wolf it down. You check your email and get a bit distracted. You realize forty-five minutes have passed and you curse yourself for not getting productive already.
You curse getting productive and decide to lay down and maybe finally get rid of the headache that has been beating on your neck all morning. 
You wake up an hour later, confused. You check on the babe.
You do some work. Like an hours worth.  It’s great – those follow-up calls are finally done. You expect to hear tears any minute.
You realize three hours have gone by.  You begin to clean the kitchen.
You drop something. It is loud.
You check on the babe. He is breathing. He is sound asleep.  You leave his door cracked.
You finish cleaning the kitchen and wonder what the “H” has dripped all over the cabinets under your sink. You clean it. Yuck.
You sweep the bathroom floor.
You read a bunch of blogs.
Four hours have passed.
You check on the babe. He is sound asleep.
You decide on homemade pizza for dinner and make dough. With an electric mixer.
You call the Huz. He is in traffic and snaps at you. Helpful.
You call your best friend.
” O has been asleep for nearly five hours”
” Oh, wow, are you gonna wake him up?”
“I’m trying. His door is open. I turned on his light. I made pizza dough.”
” I know. I’m going to go put away his laundry and talk to you in his room”
Within fifteen minutes, the little cutie pie woke up, a bit reluctant.  He blinked and stared and rolled around until his hair was standing up.  He pulled himself up to the edge of the crib and whined.
His Mama lifted his heavy little body onto her shoulder and said good-bye to her friend. 
She changed him and got him some milk and eventually got him to eat at least a little something.  It was 6:30.  By 8:30 he was back in bed for the night.
Poor babe.
This morning, though, the fever was gone.  He must have slept it off.


The CSA box-pick-up has become so routine the Parakeet hasn’t mentioned it lately.  There are two more pick-ups to go of the summer share.  It’s been so great.
They have done well at not letting produce rot which was one of the Bird’s biggest goals – some parsley has fallen by the wayside, and if no one eats the leftover coleslaw – what can you do?
There have been some interesting things lately, though, and you, dear readers, deserve to know.
These funny sweet potatoes came on Wednesday:


Surely, they will be delish roasted, but what the?
Also, this beautiful head of broccoli romanesco (google it) – not quite cauliflower and not the green stuff either – they plan on sauteing with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Can’t go wrong with a plan like that, huh?
Now, this pepper seemed to come perfectly in October.  The colors are just too perfect.


The Parakeet still has some radishes she doesn’t know what to do with.  The first batch became a radish-spread. eh. Suggestions?
With three bags of carrots in a row, the Parakeet’s fridge is going a bit orange. So naturally she made a carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting (thanks to the impulse purchase of cream cheese at Costco).  Little O got to lick his first beater.  He also proceeded to try and lick the floor he was so excited at the prospect of frosting!

the one after six.

It was Tuesday of this week that the Huz and Parakeet celebrated their seventh anniversary.
They set the evening aside, got a babysitter, and went to one of their favorite local restaurants; a little BYOB Italian place within walking distance of their apartment.  They didn’t know they would experience a cold SNAP thsi week, though, and opted for the car.
It was a simple night really, but so needed and so sweet.  They ate a lot and talked a lot and were able to really connect.  It’s hard to do that even after Little O is asleep when chores and other “to-dos” are starting you in the face at home.  It was good to get out and dream a little and reminisce a little, too.  What was the seventh year like? What will the eighth year be like? 
What did you love? What do you want to do better? They could hardly believe more than the seven-year marriage that they will be in Chicago nearly seven years come January. Seven years of super cold winters and super nasty traffic – but they have stayed.
They love their neighborhood.  They love that they can walk so many errands.  They love that there are professional sports teams and more theaters than you can count. They love their friends. 
Seven years is some sort of superstitious hump for a marriage to overcome and maybe it is one for a city as well.  Chicago – you got the bird and her man.  At least for now.

Can You Believe?

that this trail is just one block from The Parakeet’s apartment in a city park?

or that she got such a fancy stroller that actually folds up? (CraigsList, baby)


On Sunday

On Sunday, they felt a shift.  The Mercury took a nose-dive in to the 40s.  The Parakeet and the Huz were both free from work and Little O was cranky, insisting on a morning nap.  Hesitant to wake him from slumber when in that sort of mood, the adults in the house opted to skip church and focus on the change.  The change of seasons.
The Huz took out the ACs which also meant he ended up cleaning off their back porch.  He deflated the baby pool.  He rolled up warmer blankets to leave out for the back yard.
The seasons are definitely shifting here in the Windy City.  They have left the grill behind and moved on to the crock-pot. The Parakeet made stuffed peppers in the pot last week and the Huz is already asking for Chili. The Parakeet feels a bit nostalgic about the squash sitting on her counter since last winter, that was O’s first food. That cute not-quite-a-baby-anymore has an adorable striped hat and “man” jacket. 
The trees are tipped in red.
Fall is here.
The Parakeet loves Fall – she tries not to think of the winter to come and to just LOVE Fall.  So far they are determined to get Little O out of the house as much as possible. He loves it outside and stands at the kitchen door waiting for someone to put him in the stroller.  If you ask him for his socks and shoes, he runs to his bedroom so excited!  Just yesterday, he decided he’s had enough of the slides and swings and moved to the dirt and leaves.  I suppose no child can resist a pile of leaves – what a Nature Baby!
Here are a few pics of Little O enjoying the fall so far…