Lay Down on It

Little O has a way of exploring everything he touches with a methodical curiosity.  Surely this is the way of most Toddlers, but Little O adds an interesting step – he lays down on it.  He carries around a tedy bear and then he lays down on it.  He pulls a pillow off the couch and then he lays down on it.  He picks up DaDa’s shirt and then lays down on it.  When given a pot holder in the kitchen he put it on the floor and proceeded to – yes, lay down on it.  The Paraket had to draw the line when he tried to lay down on a kitchen sponge.  “Yucky”

Before we all move on to Fall (and Chicago for sure has moved on) let’s remember one of the final days of Summer – Labor Day.  The Huz had to work (ironic) and so the Parakeet decided to finally get Little O to the beach.  She loaded up their huge stroller and waited on the bus, because the Huz had to take the car.  That was really annoying –not only was it forever before the bus arrived (holiday) but also -the route didn’t go all the way East to the Lake.  People of Chicago, take note:  The Foster bus stops at  Broadway.  So the Keet and Little O had a bit of a hike.  Their friends, Matt and Stacy were awesome and met the Keet at the beach to help chase the tike.
Once they were settled in the sand, Little O LOVED it.  He ran around, He stole other children’s toys.  He tried to walk way out into the E.Coli infested waters, and of course – he laid down on it. He cuddled up in that sand like it was the yummiest blanket EVER.
That afternoon, the Parakeet and Little O showered together to rid themselves of beach, but even the next morning, the Parakeet was finding sand in the babe’s ears.  He sure did Lay Down on It.  Ahh, the beach. 




2 responses to “Lay Down on It

  1. Grandpa & Grandma Hoyer

    Hi Sara: So good to hear from you and John, and pix of Baby O! He’s gorgeous. Too bad about all of your walking – but better you than us! Love you all, Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Malcolm does this too, but only with stuffed animals, really! (Well, and people) I attribute it to his love of wrestling with anything remotely alive or stuffed.

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