On Sunday

On Sunday, they felt a shift.  The Mercury took a nose-dive in to the 40s.  The Parakeet and the Huz were both free from work and Little O was cranky, insisting on a morning nap.  Hesitant to wake him from slumber when in that sort of mood, the adults in the house opted to skip church and focus on the change.  The change of seasons.
The Huz took out the ACs which also meant he ended up cleaning off their back porch.  He deflated the baby pool.  He rolled up warmer blankets to leave out for the back yard.
The seasons are definitely shifting here in the Windy City.  They have left the grill behind and moved on to the crock-pot. The Parakeet made stuffed peppers in the pot last week and the Huz is already asking for Chili. The Parakeet feels a bit nostalgic about the squash sitting on her counter since last winter, that was O’s first food. That cute not-quite-a-baby-anymore has an adorable striped hat and “man” jacket. 
The trees are tipped in red.
Fall is here.
The Parakeet loves Fall – she tries not to think of the winter to come and to just LOVE Fall.  So far they are determined to get Little O out of the house as much as possible. He loves it outside and stands at the kitchen door waiting for someone to put him in the stroller.  If you ask him for his socks and shoes, he runs to his bedroom so excited!  Just yesterday, he decided he’s had enough of the slides and swings and moved to the dirt and leaves.  I suppose no child can resist a pile of leaves – what a Nature Baby!
Here are a few pics of Little O enjoying the fall so far…


One response to “On Sunday

  1. loving all the pictures of little o!

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