the one after six.

It was Tuesday of this week that the Huz and Parakeet celebrated their seventh anniversary.
They set the evening aside, got a babysitter, and went to one of their favorite local restaurants; a little BYOB Italian place within walking distance of their apartment.  They didn’t know they would experience a cold SNAP thsi week, though, and opted for the car.
It was a simple night really, but so needed and so sweet.  They ate a lot and talked a lot and were able to really connect.  It’s hard to do that even after Little O is asleep when chores and other “to-dos” are starting you in the face at home.  It was good to get out and dream a little and reminisce a little, too.  What was the seventh year like? What will the eighth year be like? 
What did you love? What do you want to do better? They could hardly believe more than the seven-year marriage that they will be in Chicago nearly seven years come January. Seven years of super cold winters and super nasty traffic – but they have stayed.
They love their neighborhood.  They love that they can walk so many errands.  They love that there are professional sports teams and more theaters than you can count. They love their friends. 
Seven years is some sort of superstitious hump for a marriage to overcome and maybe it is one for a city as well.  Chicago – you got the bird and her man.  At least for now.


3 responses to “the one after six.

  1. Awww…Sara this is soooo sweet! Congrats on 7 years! Love you guys! And I love Chicago too! 🙂

  2. This is Ken and not Sue. Congratulations on seven years! Thank you both for the testimony of love between the two of you, from the both of you to your son, and especially from the both of you to the SON! May God continue to bless your family. Love, Ken.

  3. I love you all! and your way with words

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