The CSA box-pick-up has become so routine the Parakeet hasn’t mentioned it lately.  There are two more pick-ups to go of the summer share.  It’s been so great.
They have done well at not letting produce rot which was one of the Bird’s biggest goals – some parsley has fallen by the wayside, and if no one eats the leftover coleslaw – what can you do?
There have been some interesting things lately, though, and you, dear readers, deserve to know.
These funny sweet potatoes came on Wednesday:


Surely, they will be delish roasted, but what the?
Also, this beautiful head of broccoli romanesco (google it) – not quite cauliflower and not the green stuff either – they plan on sauteing with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Can’t go wrong with a plan like that, huh?
Now, this pepper seemed to come perfectly in October.  The colors are just too perfect.


The Parakeet still has some radishes she doesn’t know what to do with.  The first batch became a radish-spread. eh. Suggestions?
With three bags of carrots in a row, the Parakeet’s fridge is going a bit orange. So naturally she made a carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting (thanks to the impulse purchase of cream cheese at Costco).  Little O got to lick his first beater.  He also proceeded to try and lick the floor he was so excited at the prospect of frosting!


2 responses to “Veg-a-Lish

  1. Yum. 🙂 O looks like he is enjoying himself.

  2. I mean, how cute is that kid!

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