When Little O sleeps for five hours..

Little O had a fever this week. The Parakeet suspects a molar, but can’t see or feel anything back there. He’s been sleeping hard and whining hard. It’s been tiring.  So, on Thursday when he went down for his nap at 1:15, what did the bird do? Well, what would you do?

Probably first,  you quick make a lunch and wolf it down. You check your email and get a bit distracted. You realize forty-five minutes have passed and you curse yourself for not getting productive already.
You curse getting productive and decide to lay down and maybe finally get rid of the headache that has been beating on your neck all morning. 
You wake up an hour later, confused. You check on the babe.
You do some work. Like an hours worth.  It’s great – those follow-up calls are finally done. You expect to hear tears any minute.
You realize three hours have gone by.  You begin to clean the kitchen.
You drop something. It is loud.
You check on the babe. He is breathing. He is sound asleep.  You leave his door cracked.
You finish cleaning the kitchen and wonder what the “H” has dripped all over the cabinets under your sink. You clean it. Yuck.
You sweep the bathroom floor.
You read a bunch of blogs.
Four hours have passed.
You check on the babe. He is sound asleep.
You decide on homemade pizza for dinner and make dough. With an electric mixer.
You call the Huz. He is in traffic and snaps at you. Helpful.
You call your best friend.
” O has been asleep for nearly five hours”
” Oh, wow, are you gonna wake him up?”
“I’m trying. His door is open. I turned on his light. I made pizza dough.”
” I know. I’m going to go put away his laundry and talk to you in his room”
Within fifteen minutes, the little cutie pie woke up, a bit reluctant.  He blinked and stared and rolled around until his hair was standing up.  He pulled himself up to the edge of the crib and whined.
His Mama lifted his heavy little body onto her shoulder and said good-bye to her friend. 
She changed him and got him some milk and eventually got him to eat at least a little something.  It was 6:30.  By 8:30 he was back in bed for the night.
Poor babe.
This morning, though, the fever was gone.  He must have slept it off.


2 responses to “When Little O sleeps for five hours..

  1. This is so charming to read.

  2. hahahahaha!!!! You are sooo hilarious and sweet!

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