Halloween Has Boo

The Parakeet and Little O go to the library about every other week.  They always leave with three or four new books for the tike.  Sometimes he never lets her get past the second page and other times – he loves them! He definitely has opinions about which books he likes.  He also definitely wants at least four books a day.
So, recently, she checked out a lot of Halloween books for Little O.  One of them was titled, “Halloween Has Boo”.  It rhymed the whole way through and Little O was just taken with it immediately.  When he saw the cover, hw ould say, “Boo”. 
He started to say “Boo” whenever he saw a pumpkin.  So, by Halloween day, they had a little game worked out. Mama said, “Happy Halloween!” and Little O said “Boo”.  They amazed many people while out walking in the stroller.

The Huz worked on halloween (boo).  So, the Parakeet got Little O all dressed up in his Lion costume (they borrowed a fabulous one from a friend whose son wore it last year) and took him to a Spooktacular party at church.  Little O was frozen at first, but eventually found the CD player, the pizza, and some streamers.  Sounds like most middle school dances, right? anyway…
Fun Getting Dressed:

halloblog3The book above is “The Farmer and The Dell” by the way – big hit.
Then, they got to the party!!
Little O tried his hand at twister, but found his true love in the streamers.  He seriously ran back and forth through this thing for twenty minutes. 
Then, after a nap, some running around the house and a dinner of something other than pizza or cookies – they wheeled on over to a friend of the bird’s for some trick-or-treating.  Little O was very good at removing every piece of candy from the bowl and putting it in his bag. 


You can see they had to ‘urbanize’ this lion by this time of night and add the puffy vest.  The O-ster did climb up the stairs to a few houses, but mostly to show off his mane and “boo” skills.
In bed by 7:30. Phew what a night.


4 responses to “Halloween Has Boo

  1. these pictures put a big smile on my face!

  2. Awwweee sweetheart!

  3. What a cute lion! And I’m not lyin’.

  4. I’m so late on this but ADORABLE!

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