Word on the Street

Little O spent a lot of months 11-13 yelling.  He would throw these “adorable” little tantrums when say, the refrigerator was shut and he couldn’t play among the produce and condiments any longer or when he was hungry and no one knew because his yelling was all sounding the same.
So month 15 is bringing a GREAT new form of communication – some words.
Little O runs around the house in the morning saying, “Da!  Da-Da!” looking for his Dad.  They tease just a little because he always looks in the bed or hangs off the bedroom door. Apparently, Da is sleeping quite a lot. 
He will hug the Parakeet and say “mommy”.   His favorite exclamation is “Oh No!”  It is beyond cute and soon they will get you a video of this particular outburst. It reminds them very much of Eleanor circa a year ago (or two).
Some other funny words and their translation
What  you would Say                                   What O would say
cheese                                                                sheeze
eat                                                                        eeet
shoe                                                                    shooo
socks                                                                   sahhhhcts
bye-bye                                                            buh-buh
bubble                                                               bubble (he loves this one)
Hat                                                                      hat (always while pointing to his head)
Off                                                                        Auf (pointing to light switch and he usually means on)
Yogurt                                                              go-ya
more                                                                  mo-mo (rivals the oh no in cuteness. The
                                                                             Parakeet would give this kid more of anything when he
                                                                             asks this way)

They are all enjoying the fact that Little O understands more words and speaks in his own babble.  He’s such a little person!!


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