Thanks and Giving

Well, this was the third year the Bird and Huz spent Thanksgiving in Chicago.  The first time they were lucky enough to have Big W’s parents visit them from St. Louis – although they weren’t Big W’s parents just yet.
The second time was last year and they were still in infant haze and the Parakeet managed to bring pies over to some generous friend’s house where they were introduced to that addictive board game, Ticket to Ride.
This year – it was just their family; The Parakeet, the Huz, and LIttle O.  That turned out to be just fine because the bird and the baby had a case of te old pig flu.  They aren’t positive, but really – looking back – it’s likely.  They both had regular flu shots and all the symptoms…
Being sick is no fun.
The Parakeet was on Day 6 of feeling like dog poo, but she managed to get the turkey in an Apple Cider Brine the night before.  Can someone say optimistic?  She slept in a bit on Turkey Day.  They all watched the Macy’s Day Parade and Little O tore it up in the living room (more on that later).  Once he went down for his nap, the Parakeet laid down herself.  The Huz went to CVS and came back with Tylenol Cold and a Snickers. It was time for this bird to shake a tailfeather and get her bird in the oven if they were ever going to have dinner.
She cut a couple items from the menu.
But in the end – they ate at five o’clock with Turkey, Gravy, cranberry sauce (first time doing that for reals instead of can), mashed potatoes (enough for an army apparently), stuffing (thank you pepperidge farm), and some left over acorn squash with apples.  The meal was topped off with a pumpkin pie (fresh pumpkin, refrigerated pie crust – the girl is a paradox). 
Little O got to bed early and the Keet and Huz weren’t too far behind.
So…they didn’t manage to get any pictures taken on the bi day – there are pictures of Little O opening his Thanksgiving presents from GB the night before…

Ooooo….books. And…A Stuffed Turkey!

Perhaps…yes…lay down on it!


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