It started Thanksgiving weekend and it hasn’t stopped since. Little O wants books, books, books.  He picks one from his book box or nightstand and then he toddles to the couch or armchair.  He crawls up onto the cushions by swinging one leg up first (hilarious).  This often takes a while as he will not let go of the book.  He buries his face into the furniture grunting and groaning until he has proudly pulled his little toddler body into a sitting position. He looks around for a moment to make sure someone has noticed his feat, then he opens his book.  He turns a page or two, shuts it, sets it down and climbs down to grab the next one.

There are variations of this game.  Maybe he hands you the book and you read to him.  Maybe he looks through one book and you read another one – out loud.  Certain books deserve certain rituals.  “Hug” involves the most adorable action of hugging himself.  He tilts his head to the side and scrunches up his shoulders while wrapping his arms around his chest.  The Parakeet looked over to see him reading and doing this motion alone the other night and she got tears in her eyes.  Seriously? Sweet.

“Five Little Monkeys” involves moving up and down during the jumping sections and reaching for mom every time the mama calls the Dr.  “When you’re Happy” must involve singing and stomping of feet and every book with a picture of a dog gets a “woof woof”.

Christmas brought along “Are you grumpy, Santa?”  Every time Little O finds that one in the book box – he is more excited than the time before.  “San-TA” he says with a smile. Although it sounds strangely similar to DaDa.

There are many book-shaped gifts arriving in the mail and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  That will entertain this Little O to no end…

For now, there are stacks of books in all corners of the living room, and you know what?  Nobody minds.


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