Simple Holiday

The Parakeet, the Huz, and Little O decided a few months ago to stay in Chicago for Christmas.  Little O wasn’t such a fan of the car and their wallets weren’t such fans of flying.  It seemed to make a lot of sense.  If the Parakeet were totally honest, it was a relief making that choice. She felt herself relax as soon as the decision was made- getting her boys ready for a vacation isn’t such a calming task.
So, December came in a whirlwind.  The Parakeet decided to go for a promotion with Arbonne and was meeting with people, doing home parties, and on the phone or computer quite a lot.  The Huz got some surprise furniture orders and was opening a show at Lookingglass.  They were busy.  So a lot of their usual advent and holiday preparation went by the way side.  Will you accept these posts as your Christmas card?

They did manage to decorate and put a tree  up, though.  Each morning Little O came out and pointed to the outlet “Off! Off!”  He says ‘off’ for off and on, right now.  The Parakeet would plug in the lights, he would look at the tree and say, “Wow” – more accurately ‘Bwwooooowwww’.   Then, he would look up at her and grin. What a kiddo.

He also received an Advent Calendar from his Grandma the Great in Missouri.  Each Day after dinner the Parakeet took him over to get a present. He was so excited!  He couldn’t even eat a lot of the candy, but he wanted to know what was under that paper.  Of course, he also loved throwing the wrapping paper away each time. “Sash, Sash”.  That is trash for those unschooled in toddler talk.

Christmas Eve started uneventfully as the bird went into the office for a little bit.  When she got home, she and the Huz went on a cleaning spree.  She was desparate to have a clean home for Christmas Day.  The Huz is not quick to do chores, but when he does – he doesn’t do them half-way.  The floors were sparkling and once O was up from his nap- they were all thrilled to sit and look at their decorations free from clutter.  Church was at 5PM.  They managed to make it on time.  The Parakeet’s original plan to have the Huz and O in matching vests and cowboy boots didn’t quite pan out, but everyone made a good showing.

It was the first service O stayed in the sanctuary in many months.  Since he started walking, he’s been going to nursery.  So, that was a bit of an adventure.  The Huz became really good at grabbing him before he made it to the aisle and the ziploc bag full of wheat thins the Parakeet had stored in the diaper bag turned out to be clutch.   He went up front for the Children’s sermon (with the Keet) but mostly wanted to try and pull down the advent wreath, so they settled for squirming in mama’s lap.

When they got home from church, Little O opened a special Christmas Eve present from GB and Poppy – jamies!  After a brief photo shoot in front of the tree, they tucked him into bed.  The Adults of the house enjoyed chili from the crockpot and Christmas tunes on the radio.  Mama wrapped the rest of the gifts and Dada headed to Santa’s workshop  to pick up the big surprise for morning.

There were lots of phone calls with relatives all day – their first Christmas Eve alone -but it was simple and relaxing, so while they missed some of the hubbub of visiting family, they reminded themselves they had all that was really important.


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  1. OMG!!!! That is a handsome family! What great pics!!!

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