Christmas Day 2009

**editor’s note:  pics and video will be added later, check back. The Russell computer has suffered an untimely death.

Little O woke up early Christmas morning, about 6AM. The Parakeet was so excited herself that she didn’t try and get him back to sleep.  The Huz had made Little O a new table and GB and Poppy had sent a rocking chair.  The Parakeet knew he would be thrilled to have furniture in his size.  The parakeet gave him some nana and a yummy breakfast cookie.  They woke up the Huz and headed to the living room.
Little O was in the habit of asking for the tree lights to be turned on each morning so he could yell “tada” or “wooooowwww”.  The Parakeet did not want him to discover all the gifts without the Huz.  He was groggy, but she demanded Christmas cheer and handed him the camera. 
As predicted, O was beside himself.  He methodically pulled every scrap of paper off each present, looked at it briefly and then said “Mo, Mo” reaching for another.
Once he realized the little rocking chair was his – he wanted to sit there and open presents.   Fittingly, there was only one gift he did not open all the way – overalls, the only piece of clothing he received.  The Huz and Keet were excited, but Little O is apparently a kid already:  clothes, boring.

Little O was fairly cranky since he woke up at 6 and his silly mom gave him a cookie, so a little after 8 he went back to sleep.  So did the Keet and Huz.  Awesome.
He got back up around ten and they called relatives and played with new stuff.  The Parakeet made a Christmas breakfast of Apple Dew.  Oh, you are wondering what that is? She got the recipe from her mom-in-law a few Christmases ago -crescent rolls wrapped around apples and baked in sugar, butter and mountain Dew.  Definitely sweet and yummy.  Also definitely a once a year treat.
Little O decided he’d have another nap around one and the Huz and Keet didn’t know what to do with themselves.  No obligations. No plans.  The Parakeet read her book and the Huz did some crossword puzzles.  It was glorious. 
Then, in the afternoon, they got to a project the Parakeet had been dreaming of: making sugar cookies with O!  The little family all gathered in the kitchen around the new little table.  They cut out santa, stocking, and reindeer shapes.  They iced and sprinkled.  Little O snuck more dough than anyone realized and was quickly hyper with a capital H.
He was running laps around the house babbling and then would all of a sudden drop and crawl.  When he crawled he let his tongue hang out and panted.  Seriously.  Can we say first sugar high? 
He crashed and went to bed right on time .  The Parakeet made steaks, potatoes, and a little salad for she and the Huz.  A quiet, lovely Christmas dinner.
They felt happy as they finished their first holiday ‘alone’ knowing that the truth was they really were not.

Making Cookies!!!


One response to “Christmas Day 2009

  1. I was introduced to those as apple dumplings. So yum but definitely a little scandalous.

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