Last June-ish, the Parakeet became fascinated with the Waldorf philosophy of education.  She met a teacher from the school in Chicago.  She read blogs by moms of kids in Waldorf-style settings and she checked out a book from the library, “you are your child’s first teacher”.
The emphasis on art and nature appealed to her.  She has tried to expose Owen to both of these things as early as possible.  She probably  couldn’t afford to send Owen to school there and she is not totally down with their spiritual philosophy, but it is all quite interesting.
Anyway – one of the first creative activities they recommend for children is water color.  The Huz and Keet bought Owen watercolor paints for Christmas; red, blue, and yellow as recommend in Waldorf education.  Last week, when it was quite cold and they did not have a car, the Parakeet got out the red for Owen.
First, we needed a smock:

Then, he got excited about the color:

Then, we added blue:

Little O had a great time.  The drips were stressing him out though as he  constantly kept saying, “Oh noo…., Oh no….”.  The Parakeet finally put a towel under the table and tried to explain that it’s ok to make a mess with art.  This does not come from her side of the family, by the way – caring about a mess.  That has to be a Russell thing.

So looking forward to more art projects!!


5 responses to “watercolor

  1. So cute! I adore the first shot of him in the T-shirt. Great job exposing him to art so early. I so admire your parenting skills!

  2. Oh my gosh…the smock. Too cute! I want to squeeze him.

  3. Ellen Robertson

    Little O…sounds like a wonderful name for an artist to me!!!! Why not??Both of his parents are very creative and talented souls…the apple does not fall far from the tree!! He is just too adorable!!! Onward, Little O!!!

  4. so so cute in that extra big shirt. I’m interested in the Waldorf fascination.

  5. google it. waldorf i mean – lots will come up. there is a school in the loyola area – their website is really good, too

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