Superbowl Sunday

The Parakeet has fond memories of the Superbowl right around the 24th, 25th, 26th era.  I know it’s surprising – BUT her family had Superbowl parties. The boys watched the Superbowl in the Family Room. The girls watched movies in her parent’s bedroom. Everyone convened for the half-time show and lots of yummy junk food in the kitchen.  A Total Blast!
Then, in High School she was part of the church youth group (surprise) whose fundraiser was always to sell subs for the big game.  The Parakeet was often up late into the night the Saturday before making LOTS of turkey subs. Also – a total blast!
The Huz likes football, so since they’ve been married, the Parakeet has often tried to put  a little party into SuperBowl Day.
Mostly, that means preparing junk food.
Last year she had this idea of bringing out a new snack each quarter.  After the third round, the Huz was all, “I’m gonna throw up. No more FOOD!”
So, this year – he made chili.  The Parakeet bought the trifecta: salsa, guac, and queso. 
Little O watched until halftime.  They put him to bed and snuggled on the couch the rest of the game.  They were rooting for the Colts, but weren’t sad to see the Saints win.  The Parakeet totally bought into the whole “New Orleans needs a win” story.

It was a lovely, SLOW day – which is what they needed after the past two weeks.  Maybe they should make some ‘family’ time more often.


3 responses to “Superbowl Sunday

  1. Grandpa & Grandma Hoyer

    Sara – I remember Superbowl parties at your house, too. From the time he was a little baby, Ben had to sit on his grandpa’s lap – grandpas have to see that boys are raised right! I under-stand that Paul is keeping the “duty” alive – his grandson sits on his lap for the superbowl, too!
    We love all of you guys! Grandpa & Grandma.

  2. You should try making guac. mmmm. and if you leave the pits in it, the guac will stay green

  3. Hi, Sara!

    Just found your blog via FB – don’t know if you remember me, but I was in BWB eons ago, am a board member now, saw you in The Music Videos and at Brigitte’s marathon benefit. Have loved reading about your sweet adventures with your family – especially given the parallels. My 4-year-old son shares your son’s first name, and my daughter was born 8/19/08! Whee!

    Keep writing – I’ll keep reading!
    Kara Pasierb Smith

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