Lenten Announcement

In the spirit of accountability, the Parakeet would like to let you readers know that she is giving up take-out and fast food for Lent.  Phew.
It’s becoming habitual.
It is a product of being very busy and wanting the convenience and immediate gratification of not-so-healthy-but-certainly-quick food.
She likes to cook – so why not?
It will take a bit of planning – but that is another one of her loves.  Ahhh, lists and charts xoxoxoxox
You will certainly hear more about it here on this little blog.

Tonight -she made black bean tacos. Everyone was happy.  Little O mostly ate avocado, but still….

The main hope is to be healthier.  The side bonus will be saving some GREEN (that means money).  Oh, and whenever the bird just wants to quick whip the car through the drive-thru after an extra late Arbonne Party – she’ll just pray instead. So the second side-bonus will be a much more consistent prayer life. For sure.

Yay for the Easter season….here comes spring.  Seriously -Spring? Spring? SPrriiiiiinnnnnggggg???


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