The Aftermath

Remember those plane flights the Parakeet survived?
Well, the immediate 24 hrs following were a bit hairy.  The stroller did not make it to their gate in Chicago.  She dealt with that and carried the most tired 24lb toddler all the way to bag claim.  The Huz met them and they all went home.  Little O was asleep nearly before they were out of the parking area.  Speaking of leaving the parking area, the Huz asked the Parakeet if she had cash. 
“Actually, yes” she said thinking of how a few of the women had paid her cash at the Arbonne parties in Florida.  She opened her amazing backpack and reached in. . .no wallet.  She dug around a little more. . .no wallet.  Her mind flashed to the Memphis airport.  She had let O run wild and was chasing him – her backpack sat in a chair the whole time. Oh no! Someone had stolen her wallet.
“It’s gone” she told the Huz.
“What?” he was confused.
“My wallet. It was here. Now it’s gone. I can think of the last time I had it. In Orlando. I had to have them reprint my boarding pass, and now it’s gone. ”
“Could it be in another part of your backpack?”
“No. I know where I put it.  It’s gone”
“Well, it’s quite a ride home, you should start calling to cancel cards.”
And that’s how the ride home went.  They didn’t talk about the trip or missing each other.  The Parakeet was transferred from operator to operator until she got her debit card and one credit card cancelled.  She was trying desperately to find someone in small business to cancel the woodworking debit card.  That is the one she was concerned about…when they pulled into the garage. 
They carried Sleepy O and the luggage inside.  As the Huz changed O into some jamies, the Parakeet dumped open her backpack and out fell the wallet.   Seriously?  There goes her flare for the dramatic. She was relieved no one had stolen from her.  She was relieved not to have to call all the women who wrote her personal checks.  She felt very embarassed she couldn’t wait thirty minutes before reacting in the extreme. Oh well.
The next morning Little O slept in.  His Park District gymnastics class was at 10:30.  He started moaning just before 9.  The Parakeet went in to get the little guy and he was covered in vomit.  You may have guessed – Delta Cookie vomit. It was on the sheets, in his hair, on his pajamas.  The poor thing must have vomited in his sleep.  The Parakeet gave him a bath.  He had the chills, but he seemed very happy.  He had some banana and she poured him some milk.  They got ready for gymnastics and got in the car.  The Parakeet pulled through a Dunkin Donuts and got him a plain bagel.  Before she could pass it back to him, he was coughing. No, not coughing – puking.  Little O was puking milk ALL over himself.  He puked up his whole sippy cup full of milk all over his clothes, the carseat, and the interior of the back seat of the car.  It was rank.  Nothing like milk vomit…
So, at 10:20 in the AM, the Parakeet gave Little O his second bath.  He had very visible chills this time and had trouble walking.  No fever though.  He ended up down for an early nap. 
He was fine after this – although the Parakeet gave him no milk for 48hrs at the Doctor’s suggestion.
She also paid some dudes thirty dollars to vacuum and clean her car.  Her spot cleaner and paper towel thing just wasn’t cutting it with the milk smell. Rancid.
So, yeah, Motherhood is awesome.


4 responses to “The Aftermath

  1. Grandpa & Grandma Hoyer

    Sara, John & Baby O: We were so thrilled to have those lovely letters and pictures from you! Thanks for those excellent letters and pictures of those dear people. We thought of our precious memories, also, from when we were young parents with ALL THOSE LITTLE CHLDREN! We loved them and had a ball (later, looking back on them!) We love you all a bunch! Grandma & Grandpa.

  2. runyanthree

    That is SO funny. Never ever think your kid is only going to throw up once. 🙂 I love that you had the car cleaned. And I’m really glad you found your wallet!

  3. Of course I had the car cleaned – the smell was going to make me vomit just driving around!

  4. Poor Baby O!

    I hate hate hate banking issues of all kinds! I’ve had some bad experiences recently!!

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