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Fitting In.

The Parakeet had two trips for business this month.  They were her first over-nights away from Little O.  The hilarity came, however, before she ever left Chicago.
Naturally, she needed new clothes for this type of thing.  She is her mother’s daughter in that regard. She is also her mother’s daughter in that she was able to pack in a color scheme with two pairs of shoes for the whole affair, but that’s another post. 
Time in which the Parakeet had the magic three before her trips was sparse.  The Magic Three?  A Car, Daytime hours, and no Owen.
So…in a desperate attempt two days before the trip to find just one more thing or two – she took Owen in the stroller to Sears. (it’s walkable and rumor had it there was a sale).
She took a bunch of business-y clothes into the dressing room with a toddler who had already been yelling “all done” for five minutes as he continued to get stuck in the way-too-close-together racks of this barely a department store’s clearance sale.
The Parakeet groaned in the frustration of being too big for one size and too small for another while O sat on the bench and played with a toy from his diaper bag.  For thirty seconds.  Then, he had to wiggle down and “explore” their little room while Mommy squeezed herself into something else. 
Then, he found the door.  The Parakeet had locked it, of course, but Little O wanted out and to ‘balk wound’  (walk around).  He pulled on the handle repeatedly yelling , “help,  help”
The Parakeet shushed him, told him he was fine and said all the other things you say to a kid when you want him to stop acting like a kid because you have your own s**t to attend to.   No one could blame O with being bored of his surroundings – especially as it was approaching five o’clock – the child’s witching hour.
He continued this repeated one word phrase over and over “Help! Help! Help! Help!”
A woman a few stalls over said,  “You might want to do something.  People are going to think you’re hurting that kid.”
oh jeez.
That hadn’t occured to her.  She was much more focused on whether black pants or a black skirt would be better with a lavendar top.  Ugh.
“O” she said sternly.  “Sit there and play with this truck. We can’t go anywhere for just a minute.  Your mommy is in her underwear.”


Before you leave us, Mr. Winter..

In a very hopeful way, the Parakeet is embracing Spring. It is so totally probable (and not entirely unwelcome) that the heavens will dump more snow on Chicago before the month is over, but for now …yay. Live in the moment, because the moment is sunny.

HOWEVER, Little O has sure looked cute in his puffy coat, hat and other winter accoutrement and the dear blog readers haven’t had many pictures. 

Little O was not a huge fan of the snow at first.  He touched it and said, “Hot”.
Then, he would not want to walk to the garage. He seemed scared of it.
Next, he would kick it.  He wouldn’t want to step on top of it, but he was happy to kick at it along the sidewalk.
By February (and like the third different kind of glove), he would play in it – at least for a little while.
Here are some of his cuter than a blizzard pics:

In Our Step

Last week, the Parakeet and Little O were sitting on the living room floor playing with blocks – like they do – when a little sound was heard through the window.  The Parakeet paused and then continued to build.  The sound happened again.  and again.
“berds” Little O said, “berds”
He was right.  Birds were chirping.  Could it be that Spring was on the way? It didn’t hardly seem possible.  The week prior Chicago received ten inches of snow!
A day after the preminiscient birds, the Parakeet was responsible for bringing flowers to her Arbonne meeting for recognition.  She stopped at the local grocery and got….Tulips!! Tulips are here.  Is it…..spring?
Then, the greatest thing of all happened – the SUN came out. 
Little O was so happy, hanging on the kitchen door saying, “houtside, houtside, …hoooouuuuutside”.   They have been going out every day enjoying the temperatures that tip 40, even close to 50 degrees this past Sunday.  Even if their walk is only twenty minutes – at least they took a walk.  It lifts the spirits so much!

Little O is truck and bus and train obsessed right now, so he loves just taking walks and telling mom or whoever will listen all about the vehicles he sees. 
“mommy, mommy…oh wow – dumpah tuck”
The vans are confusing him a little – some days they are tucks and some days they are tars, but he’ll get there.

Last Thursday, they went to the park.  The snow was trying so hard to melt and there were puddles everywhere.  Little O was so excited and had to stomp, stomp, stomp in every one.  He kept trying to get Mommy to join him – and she did – a little, butshe cared much more about wet jeans that a toddler does.

People stopped to comment on his stomping, his total joy at just playing in puddles.  Really – if we all could live in the now like a toddler – how great! Then, he stomped, stomped, swung his arms up and fell in a particularly large puddle.  He was so shocked and confused by being so wet.  The Parakeet picked him up and carried him home as he fussed.  They took a warm bath at 4:30 in the afternoon and soon all was right with the world.

Even if it means a few puddle tumbles, the Parakeet and Little O say “Bring on the Spring!”

Play Group

Today the Parakeet got a few moms and their children together for a potluck brunch.  There were eight children from ages 5 months to 3 years in her apartment this morning.  She moved the dining room table in anticipation, but…wow.  Those kids had some fun.  Every book, every block, every muffin….

Little O is napping hard. Mommy has loaded the dishwasher, but is taking a little break to put the pictures up for those who read about O’s life.
The Huz will come home to egg casserole and baked oatmeal for dinner. Don’t think he’s going to complain….