Before you leave us, Mr. Winter..

In a very hopeful way, the Parakeet is embracing Spring. It is so totally probable (and not entirely unwelcome) that the heavens will dump more snow on Chicago before the month is over, but for now …yay. Live in the moment, because the moment is sunny.

HOWEVER, Little O has sure looked cute in his puffy coat, hat and other winter accoutrement and the dear blog readers haven’t had many pictures. 

Little O was not a huge fan of the snow at first.  He touched it and said, “Hot”.
Then, he would not want to walk to the garage. He seemed scared of it.
Next, he would kick it.  He wouldn’t want to step on top of it, but he was happy to kick at it along the sidewalk.
By February (and like the third different kind of glove), he would play in it – at least for a little while.
Here are some of his cuter than a blizzard pics:


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