Just a trip to Costco

Little O and the Parakeet made their monthly trip to Costco last week.  It is not O’s favorite place.  She always braces herself and arms herself with snacks to get through the adventure, but this time he was strangely calm.  He sat in the cart commenting on what they could see on all different aisles.  He wanted every sample on display, of course.  Being the big pushover that she is, the Parakeet mostly obliged.  They were passing some granola bar samples when Little O wanted one.  “treat. treat. treat.”, he repeated.  The Parakeet asked the woman manning the table if there were any without peanuts.  She said “No”. 
The Parakeet said, “sorry, O, these all have peanuts.  You can’t have peanuts. We’ll get something else.”
Having  a limited vocabulary, Little O started whining and crying “penis…penis…penis”  He reached out for the snack table, “Peeeennnniiiiiis”
Oh my.  The Parakeet turned three shades of red, but also couldnt help laughing as they rounded the corner and he soon became fascinated with something new.


2 responses to “Just a trip to Costco

  1. owen and ceci should meet. seem to have that topic in common.

  2. Yes. It’s popular around here right now. When getting a diaper change, little O often says “bye bye penis”. OH Jeez.

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