Just a little Something…

The sort-of Summer schedule is starting at the Russell House. The Huz worked Celtic Fest this past weekend which means his shifst are usually over at midnight.  Little O and the Parakeet were home for dinner together on Sunday night.  They were just sitting at the brand new exciting dining room table (more on that later) eating and babbling when Little O paused.  He tilted a bit to the left and let out some very audible farts.  He tooted once more, sat his tiny booty back down in his seat, and said, “all better”. 

The Parakeet looked around the room for someone to crack up with her.  Little O already had his spoon back to the applesauce.  She giggled to herself and then decided to share with the internet.  What a guy.


2 responses to “Just a little Something…

  1. HAHAHAHA! Hilarious.

    (Now, why is this so cute when he is 1.5, and yet will not be cute when he is 31.5?)

  2. hilarious

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