Through the Eyes of a Child

Little O is quite officially a toddler.  All the things that go with that term – he does; toddle, scream, run away, babble, lay on the floor in defiance. He is twenty months old and his parents see all of those developmental marker stones.
The joy of a toddler, however, is incomparable.  It does make one pause to watch a child discover the world.
Below is a list of thing that make Little O very very excited.  They are reminders to the bird of all through-out her day that might deserve a bit more attention.  The Parakeet could certainly use a little squeal of delight or clap in anticipation during her day-to-day existence – why not insert those herself?

– Peeling a banana
– Pushing the button to open the Garage Door
– Hearing the Trash Truck come down the street
– Seeing a Baby in a Stroller
– Putting a Big Spoon into an even bigger Pot
– Daddy coming home from work
– Eating a Nutri-Grain Bar
– Standing on a Chair to watch the mixer go round and round
– Playdoh!  Bluuuuuuueeee Playdoh!
– Going down the Stairs all by himself 
– Hearing the Door Buzzer which might mean he gets a “BOX!!!!!!!”

The Little O is growing up (sigh), but he is sure having fun doing it.


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