To Slumber

Part of the recent Russell trip to Florida involved picking up some furniture.  The Parakeet’s parents had a lot of furniture they were passing on to their children.  The Huz and Parakeet planned to return to Chicago with a new bedroom set, a new dining room set, and a chair for the living room.  They came back with even more, but this story is about the bed.
The Huz drove all of this stuff back from Florida in a Penske rental truck.  Little O LOVED that truck.  He kept saying “Daddy Big Truck Daddy Big White Truck Biiiiig Truuuuck”.  Little O and the Parakeet flew home.
Everybody made it back safely and the Huz enlisted a friend to do some of the furniture rearranging. The Huz grunted and groaned putting the new bed-frame together.  He was quite frustrated with the design. He called the Parakeet’s Dad.  He finally wiggled it all into place – but was convinced it was going to fall apart.
Well…about 1AM on Friday night – kaboom, the Parakeet and Huz collapsed with the bed.  They woke up, confused.   The Huz was all, “I knew it”.  He was determined to fix the situation.  Immediately.  He wiggled under the bed and moved some stuff – kaboom. More collapsing.  The Parakeet laid down on the couch and listened to the clanging of metal pieces. 
Then, through bleary eyes, she saw the Huz walk into the living room fully dressed with a tape measure clipped to his pants. 
“Where are you going?”
“To get some things to fix this bed.”
“Now? We can pull out the sofa.”
“I dont have time to mess with this tomorrow. I’m going to the shop to get some tools.”
“Hmmm….” The Parakeet rolled over and closed her eyes.
The Huz returned shortly with a drill. Yes. Seriously.
He began drilling at 2AM. It was squeaky and loud and there were some inappropriate words.  The Parakeet drifted in and out of sleep on the couch and tried to stay a safe distance from the bedroom. Then, the drill bit broke.  Yes. Seriously.  Was the Huz deterred? Nope.  He drove back to the shop and got another bit.
He drilled again at 3AM. 
For those of you curious – Little O is out like a light the entire time. Not sure about the neighbors.
The Huz decides this must be some sort of A+ amazing grade of steel through which he can not drill a hole.  He continues to try.  He probably gets one out of the four holes made and bolted. 
The Parakeet cringes on the couch.   She hears a lot of clang-clang-clanging.
The Huz is storming out of the bedroom carrying all the pieces into the alley.  It is 4AM.  Yes. Seriously.
The Parakeet stands up and crosses her arms across her chest.  She is guarding the headboard and footboard. She does not want them to go to the alley as part of the rage.
They put the box spring and mattresses on the floor.  Little O manages to wake up 3 times before 7AM just to give the Parakeet a few more interruptions.  When it seems he is just playing in his crib, she drives to Einstein to arm themselves for a Saturday where she didn’t sleep more than an hour at a time.
The Huz wakes up remarkably calm and eats his bagel. He then drives to Home Depot and buys some basic pine to start on a new bed. In the Afternoon, Little O feels everyone’s exhaustion and takes a four hour nap.  The Huz and Keet sleep 3 themselves.  That evening they  install a simple bed frame in their room and attach their headboard and footboard.  Everyone is sleeping well so far. 
Could it all have been avoided? Maybe. Would it be as good of a story? Definitely Not.
All is Right again at the Russell House.


2 responses to “To Slumber

  1. Grandpa & Grandma

    Oh, Sara! What a night or two! We enjoyed the story of the safety of our age, and not trying to put up anything! Love you all. Good Night!

  2. runyanthree

    Good story? good story…that is a GREAT story though I’m so sorry it happened. 🙂

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