Easter 2010

Oops. The Parakeet never filled you in on her favorite Holiday this year.
What an oversight.
Basically – it was great.
Uncle J and his girlfriend, E drove down from the booming metropolis of Port Huron, Michigan where they are doing the good Lord’s work.  Now all of the Keet’s siblings have spent Easter with her. She is so so happy about that.  She told the Huz that if it became her ‘duty’ to host Family Easter dinner she would be thrilled. He reminded her that there were two pastors in the family and that was unlikely. Oh well. She’ll be sure to make it a big deal for her own kid.
All five of them just hung out for like 2 and a half days.  They played games (mostly Parcheesi and the ever-popular Ticket to Ride) and dyed Easter Eggs.  They cooked a lot and ate a lot – an entire bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms in one sitting, but that isn’t important.
They went to a lovely church service, ate a lovely meal, and when O woke up from his nap they hid Easter eggs in the backyard.  He sort of got it.  He at least walked around saying “egg….eeeegggg.. eeeeeeggg….” and then he ate it. For reals.
Happy Easter – two months ago. Woops. Lots of pictures to make up for the delay


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