Florida Trip: Part A

One of the Parakeet’s oldest and dearest friends got married on May 1st. Woohoo! Congratulations, Jo and Brian!

The family had planned on going to Florida for the wedding – no questions asked.  When the Parakeet’s parents also suggested they take home a lot of furniture – they made a week of it.
The wedding was in beautiful Clearwater.  The Huz, Keet, and Little O flew into Sanford on Thursday before the wedding.  In order to fly into Sanford, they have to fly out of Rockford- nearly a two hour drive from Chicago.
Holy Moly – was that ever worth it!
The drive went uneventfully and the Keet and Huz didn’t even hear from Little O until over an hour and half into the drive. What? Yes. Can you believe it?  Now that it’s in print it will probably never happen again, but Little O was mesmerized by the highway sights and mostly just stared out the window and processed all the NPR stories with his parents in silence. 
They parked at the airport (for free) and a nice man in  Hawaiian shirt helped the Keet manage Little O and the bags into the check-in line.  There was no problem going through security – all retired people and families – and then there was a waiting room playing Disney’s Peter Pan complete with a kid-sized table.  The Keet and Huz drank a beer while Little O pushed his  cars around.  Seriously? This is an airport.  So much better than the business hussle bussle of O’Hare.  They boarded, and Little O knew he was getting on an airplane. He was so excited he was running into the people ahead of them.  The Huz had to pick him up and chill him out.  He did OK on that flight.  Luckily, they family had a two-seater row and his climbing all over the place and moving tray tables up and down was restricted to his parents.
He slept Easy Peasy that night happy to be at GB & Poppy’s house.
They all drove to Clearwater the next day. The Parents had hoped that two hour drive owuld be O’s nap, but alas the curse of sleep-training – sleeping is not for cars and strollers. duh.  So, they wrestled Little O down for a 3PM nap – which worked out nicely because he partied it up at the rehearsal dinner and stayed up until almost 10PM.
It was so fun to go to a wedding in a hotel like that.  The Parakeet and Huz had never done that before.  It was like taking a vacation with friends and family.  We got to play at the beach with Luke and Kristina and Ben.  The Parakeet also convinced her pregnant sister and her husband to come up and stay in their room to watch O during the wedding and reception.  Nice one.
Also, Poppy was performing the ceremony so he and GB were in an adjoining room. It was seriously one big party. 


2 responses to “Florida Trip: Part A

  1. Grandpa & Grandma

    Sara: Sweet letters! Sounds like a good time. Tell John you have at least three pastors in the family if you go back far enough! Glad you had such a good time with your friends, family, and offspring! Love you all, Grandpa & Grandma

  2. that’s true, grandpa! at least three. I guess no one will be able to travel to Chicago for Easter 🙂

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