A 2nd May Trip

When the Parakeet was 16, her aunt asked her to be the god-mother for her 4th baby and first little girl.  The Parakeet was flattered adn excited.  Her mom helped her understand what it meant and how she could be a good ‘sponsor’ from far away.  It was extra special because this Aunt is also the Parakeet’s Godmother….some things just pass down..
Baby Abigail got a little older and started going by Abi.
She was 6 years old when she was the flower girl in The Keet and Huz’ wedding.
She was 7 when she came to Chicago all by herself and got to see a Cubs game and get a jersey for her doll.
Since then, the Keet and Huz have been lucky enough to drive to Missouri quite a few times and spend time with Abs-cadabs.  When the Parakeet was ‘any day now style’ pregnant she ate deep dish pizza with Abs and her parents downtown Chicago-style.
Last month, Abi was confirmed.  Since this is like the duty of being a godparent, there was no way the Parakeet was going to miss it. 

She decided to drive by herself. No need to risk Little O’s good track record with two days of driving in a row.  She went down Saturday morning and enjoyed the solitude in the car.  She had only one hilarious stop where she bought gas station sunglasses.  They appeared to be that sort of tortoise shell pattern.  Well, as she tossed them into her purse a few hours later, she noticed they were actually covered in flaming skulls.  So the Parakeet is a biker. Or something.

She had a wonderful twenty-four hours with Abi and family.  The service was lovely and the personalized custom cookies were just delish!  Aunt D and Uncle P were hospitable as always.  There was a big comfy bed and more food and drink than one bird needed.  She just had to have cookie cake for breakfast….

Congratulations to Abi!  Everyone is so proud of you.


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