How does your Garden Grow?

This Summer is flying by just like all the others.  Little O helped the Parakeet prepare the garden this year.  She remembered her whimsical thoughts from last year and went ahead and bought only purple and white flowering plants.  The only other woman in the building who had plants growing in the backyard moved out during the winter (after nearly 30 years) so the Parakeet has free reign.  She hasn’t dug up any of the beds yet, but she is going to trim back that crazy rose bush.  Yikes.
It was so fun to have Little O pulling out the impatiens and yelling “Yay!” and clapping as each one was dropped into the ground.  Every day he likes to ‘check the garden’ and drives his dump truck full of dirt and mud through the flowers.  He uses a trowel to carry more “eewy dirt” over from an abandoned planter that seems to have a never-ending supply.
The Parakeet finally dug up the row of Lily of the Valley that grew along one brick wall in the back-yard. Apologies to those of you who love it, but it was quite invasive and annoying. Also, by August it just looked like weeds.  She planned on putting something else pretty back there, but it has proved more helpful to have a strip of dirt just for Little O. He can crouch back there and dig up rocks.  He hides behind the now gimongous Hosta.  So, for now, it will just stay a strip of dirt.
After the squirrels getting every single tomato last year – they didn’t attempt anything edible.  For now – the garden is just a pretty place to visit and stay a while – whether it’s with a book and a cocktail or a dump truck and a sippy cup.

the first of may
now, here in June

playing where the Lilies used to be
getting more eewy dirt


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