A Couple Earthy Things

So.. it’s no secret that the Parakeet has a heart for environmental issues. If memory serves correct, there were even green recycling triangles on her campaign posters in seventh grade for Student Council Secretary.

She tries to make choices that will reduce her consumption in general.  Of course – there are just so many choices in a day – you can’t get them all “right”.

During June, her church is doing a sermon series on Creation Care. It has been so refreshing and interesting learning about conservation from a spiritual perspective.  The church has a composter in their garden any member can come dump kitchen waste in for free.  The Parakeet really wants to get a bucket.  The Huz really wants her to forget about this idea.  Any compost-ers out there? Suggestions?

The Huz and the Parakeet are getting their veggies, eggs, and meat this summer from a CSA largely for environmental reasons. It’s also yummy and healthy. They have used cloth diapers primarily for Little O since he was about one month old.  This saves money, but it really helps the environment.

Recently, the Parakeet borrowed this book from the library.  The crafts are lovely and it was an excellent reminder that often what we ‘need’ is right here in our homes.  OK – there are some extremes the bird will not go to – women’s cloth? No. That might make common sense, but it doesn’t make family sense.  There will be no covered enamel pot of soaking soiled fabric in their bathroom. A contradiction after cloth diapers? Probably.  One that the family is comfortable with? Definitely

But speaking of the diapers and of contradictions – they have to be washed every other day. twice. Then dried.  The Huz and Parakeet’s pastor announced that he and his wife decided not to use their dryer anymore. It’s a big strain on the power grid. Woah.  The Keet decided, though, that she could stop drying those diapers. The basement already has line hung all over the place and clothespins. So this week – the diapers and inserts have hung to dry. It’s working fine since usually the Parakeet does this laundry at night anyway – going to bed when she moves the diapers to the dryer and getting them in the morning. Now – she is hanging them on the line and getting them in the morning.

This is making her feel better about running the ACs constantly – maybe it will sort of kind of even out? Who knows? But mentally…it feels good.

Her new philosophy is that all the little things DO matter – take cloth bags to the store. Rinse out the ziploc baggies. Just don’t buy so many things.  Then – all the other times – when she goes through the drive-thru or buys a cheap plastic toy made in China or eats conventionally grown veggies from California in off-season – it’s OK. Because NOBODY is perfect.


4 responses to “A Couple Earthy Things

  1. That’s right, girl.

    We compost on and off. It just depends on how on top of our game we are. But that is what is nice about compost. It just sits there.

  2. do you put it in your yard?

  3. If you can drop it off every week, I think you’ll be OK. Look at this cute composter –


    Think of it this way – if the foodstuffs are just going in the trash anyway, there’s not a whole lot of difference in putting it in a different container – it will actually smell less if it’s not in a plastic trash bag. Just keep it to the suggested veggies and paper, etc – you know me, I have a worm bin, and it works out great – but if you don’t want to go that complicated I would try one of these.

  4. Sorry that was me who left the comment above- don’t know why my username changed. 🙂

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