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Folk and Roots

A few weekends ago our neighborhood had its annual “Folk and Roots” festival. The Parakeet and Huz have walked through most years and ate and drank and looked at trinkets and listened to the music in the background.  There is a “dance” tent and a “kids” tent and wonderful musicians on a main stage for two full days.  The whole event is a fundraiser for the Old Town School of Folk Music, which is just a pretty straight-up awesome place.
Anyway, this year one of the Parakeet’s dear friends invited the family to picnic and hang out at the Festival on the Saturday afternoon.  It was before O’s bedtime and since this friend is also his babysitter and pretty much favorite person – well, why not?
The Huz went to work a different music festival downtown (go, Chicago) and the Parakeet and Little O wheeled the little stroller into the park and parked it.  Little O was loving running around.  About ten minutes after they got settled on their blankets and un-packed snacks, some people from their church sat right next to them. So fortuitous since the eleven-year old often helps with nursery and absolutely loves Owen.  She had a small tent and a wagon with her and he was in HEAVEN.  Wandering between the two blankets, Little O stumbled into another circle of people who were sitting and drinking and enjoying themselves.
They were quite friendly, “how you doing, buddy?”
O took one look at the guy with hair to his shoulders and a beard and  yelled, “Monster!” and ran back to his mommy.



Little O spends a lot of time in the kitchen. He has oatmeal (he says oats) every morning and is very involved in the process of getting them made.  He pulls a chair over to the stove and watches one of his parents (usually the Huz) pour water into the pan.  He carries over the big can of oats and watches as they are scooped into the boiling water.  “Bubbles!” he often yells.  For the next few minutes he repeatedly says, “Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar”.  His favorite part – the Brown Sugar.  The Huz will drop brown sugar in the oats as they are finishing and Little O will ‘sneak’ a pinch.  Then, they move the oats to the freezer for a few minutes so they aren’t so hot.  Little O RUNS to the living room to get out a blanket and sit down for some PBS (usually Sid the Science Kid) and Oats.  Adorable.

Because of the Breakfast routine, Little O wants to help with all meals at all times.  He is forever pulling or pushing a chair to the counter.  He especially loves watching the Mixer or the Bread Maker.  He will dump anything in a bowl or sprinkle anything with cheese.  It is such a fun activity for Mom and Toddler.  The bird and her babe have so much fun in the kitchen, really.  Little O is a good helper.
Some fun Cooking PIcs from the past few months:

In Order:  Oatmeal Cookies, Bagel Spinach Pizzas, WHO bread, and Baked Zucchini Fritters