Little O spends a lot of time in the kitchen. He has oatmeal (he says oats) every morning and is very involved in the process of getting them made.  He pulls a chair over to the stove and watches one of his parents (usually the Huz) pour water into the pan.  He carries over the big can of oats and watches as they are scooped into the boiling water.  “Bubbles!” he often yells.  For the next few minutes he repeatedly says, “Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar”.  His favorite part – the Brown Sugar.  The Huz will drop brown sugar in the oats as they are finishing and Little O will ‘sneak’ a pinch.  Then, they move the oats to the freezer for a few minutes so they aren’t so hot.  Little O RUNS to the living room to get out a blanket and sit down for some PBS (usually Sid the Science Kid) and Oats.  Adorable.

Because of the Breakfast routine, Little O wants to help with all meals at all times.  He is forever pulling or pushing a chair to the counter.  He especially loves watching the Mixer or the Bread Maker.  He will dump anything in a bowl or sprinkle anything with cheese.  It is such a fun activity for Mom and Toddler.  The bird and her babe have so much fun in the kitchen, really.  Little O is a good helper.
Some fun Cooking PIcs from the past few months:

In Order:  Oatmeal Cookies, Bagel Spinach Pizzas, WHO bread, and Baked Zucchini Fritters


4 responses to “Cooking

  1. LOVE this post! i think its wonderful how you are getting him involved in the kitchen. it’s so important for kids to understand how food is put on the table. perhaps we have a chef on our hands??

  2. Thanks, Blair. He really loves it.

  3. This is my dream, Sara! To have Canaan be as entertained by cooking as I am!

  4. oh, Kelley – he totally will be. There is so much for them to do and “help”

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