Is it a Monkey?

Many Moms say you should write down the funny things your kids say so that you don’t forget them.  The Parakeet tends to agree.  She has chosen to also share them with the free world by way of blog.
She and the Huz had lengthy discussions about what to have Little O call his private parts. Or anyone’s private parts for that matter.  In the end, they went with the anatomically correct terms.  The Huz reasoned that Little O will have all his life and many other people to teach him the nicknames and euphemisms.  Fair Enough.
So, the Parakeet, finding all things poop and fart as hilarious as a seven-year old, has worked very hard to never laugh as he is learning these terms.  No matter where he decides to use the word penis (Costco) – she has maintained control.
Until yesterday.
After staying up late drinking wine and munching veggies with a couple girlfriends, the Parakeet was dealing with Little O pre7AM.  They were in the kitchen playing with cheerios and coffee.
On the windowsill of their kitchen sits a coconut carved to look like a monkey. It is a souvenir left from a trip to Florida a few summers ago. It’s barely indentifiable, but funny.
O noticed the coconut and said, “what’s that?” (his new favorite phrase) “What’s that? What’s that?”
“A coconut monkey” replied the Parakeet
He stared at her.
“A monkey” she repeated
He looked at her and calmly said, “It’s not a monkey.  It’s a Bagina.”
The Parakeet clutched the counter and lost it in giggles. Just lost it.
She was hoping he would not find that word funny. Ever. But she may have just ruined it.


2 responses to “Is it a Monkey?

  1. I guess he calls ’em like he sees ’em.

  2. HAHAHAHA. I wish I had seen this earlier. I will have to check out what he is talking about next time I come by the house.

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