Just sort of Updating

The Summer at the Russell house has been a little jam-packed and crazy – with work, not play.  Sort of not like a lot of summers, but that’s OK.  Someone has to be the entertainment.
The Huz got a seasonal job working at Millenium Park. He has been working the Grant Park Music Festival at Pritzker Pavilion (mostly symphony concerts).  His hours are not bad, just all over the place.  The Parakeet continues to work two mornings a week downtown herself and then odd nights doing Arbonne. So they are often passing ships.  Little O is excited for whoever comes in the back-door. His routine for finding daddy usually goes like this,
“Daddy at the Park downtown?”
“Daddy at the shop”
Not today
“Daddy on the choo-choo train?”
“Daddy sleep on the couch”
They do not psychoanalyze his perception of family life, but they definitely chuckle.
Some pictures from a morning they visited Daddy at “The Park Downtown”

Little O under the “bean”

Playing in the “Kids Tent” making  map of Chicago neighborhoods

Little O was LOVING this Food Pyramid thing.  It’s too bad that even with the pretend food he continued to bring mommy carbs and dairy.  What are you gonna do?

Sitting with the Crew backstage during a rehearsal.  Really hoping to get a bite of Banana.

Walking with Daddy to the BIIIIIG elevator (freight).  Not to diminish Little O’s perception, the elevator is very large – they do move pianos routinely.

On Stage at the Pritzker! Now, how many 23 month olds can say that?


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