The Baby is 2

Little O had a birthday last Friday.
It was his second.
He is now a little boy.  No longer his mama’s babe.
Maybe that is not true, but with his ever-increasing vocabulary and his ever-shrinking pant legs – it sure looks that way.
The Keet and the Huz told little O that his birthday was coming.  There were packages arriving in the mail and he wanted to open them. They said he had to wait for his birthday.  He didn’t quite understand and would run to the boxes and say, “Let’s do Birthday!”  Then they explained it would be a birthday when Brigitte and Erin both came to play.  Brigitte is Little O’s godmother.  He goes into insta-hyper super fun mode as soon as she arrives.  Erin is Little O’s regular babysitter.  He thinks it is her every time the buzzer rings, and there is no one he likes to order around more than his “Ear”.   The idea that they might both come to the house at the same time blew his mind and he got very excited.
The Huz was working from 9Am to 10PM on Little O’s actual birthday so they waited to celebrate until Sunday afternoon.
The Parakeet spent the evening before embarking on an experiment that turned into a “TRUCK CAKE”.  Wahoo! Barely second to Little O’s excitment was the Parakeet’s at actually having pulled that off.
Once both Brigitte and Erin arrived – they all sat around the truck cake and sang to the Little One.  He sat silent the whole time just looking around and listening.  When they finished the song, he shot his little fists into the air and said “We made a Birthday! Yay!” and started clapping.  His mother almost teared up at how happy he was.
He, of course, wanted to eat the wheels and the blue ‘2s’  and lots of cake.
Then,  it was time for presents.  The Huz wheeled the red wagon into the room  filled with wrapped goodies from GB and Poppy and Mimi and Pappy.  Little O was so excited to have the Wagon, his new sand table, his doll who was later named “Max”, lots and lots of art supplies, books, a choo choo train, and a remote control car of his very own.  He’s a pretty lucky guy, that O.
They ended the night with a walk in the wagon taking Brigitte back to “the shop” and Erin to the “choo choo train”.   Little O was nearly crashed from a sugar high before they got back to the door. As they were nearing the alley he just kept repeating, “I in a wagon, Daddy.  I in a wagon, Daddy.”  He went to sleep with no trouble at all.
Night Night, Little Man.  You’ll always be the first Baby.


2 responses to “The Baby is 2

  1. Awww I love that little man! I’m so happy he had a good Birthday! 🙂

  2. Awwwww. This was so sweet. I love birthdays.

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