The Negotiator

Little O has had a rough few days. He’s been a bit whiny for no real reason that anyone can decipher. The adults in the house haven’t felt so hot with all the changes in weather – so they are thinking it is related somehow to that.  Monday afternoon, the Parakeet needed to go to Costco.  Usually the O-ster is up for it, but he wanted only to “play books”.  She finally got him in the car and he was a bit whiny.  When they pulled into the parking lot, he lost it for a minute or two, “Noooo Costco Nooooo Costco. I don’t need to go to Costco right now. I need to go to Grocery store.  I dont need Costco. I need Grocery Store”.
The Parakeet got out of her seat and went around to the back. Having had enough, she resorted to the bribe.
“Owen, listen to me. We are going into Costco right now. If you can make it through the whole trip with no whining we will get a new book.  Get it? Pick out a book for NO whining.  All done Whining”
The Little O paused. He was quiet for a moment processing his offer.  He looked back at the parakeet, “I do little whining”



4 responses to “The Negotiator

  1. Oh… smart children. Zemirah’s favorite way to negotiate lately: anytime we’ll say ‘we’re all done, NO more’, she’ll smile and respond ‘ TWO more.’. And anything that we say we’re not going to do right now, she says “okay… soon.” Urgh.

  2. love. it.

  3. Laughed out loud. Truly genius.

  4. LOVE! too cute! this just made my whole day!

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