Monthly Archives: November 2010

Halloween Weekend

The Parakeet wanted to choose for Little O a Halloween costume that reflected his true love: trucks.
Little O was an UPS driver. He loves the UPS man. Thanks to Arbonne – he sees him pretty often.  The driver has become a friend, too.  He always lets O hold the box and then he makes sure to honk the horn and wave as O watches him through the front window like a puppy.
One time little O was playing outside with the Parakeet when the truck arrived and the driver let O climb up inside.  Wow – that was exciting!

So…Little O was a “PS Man” for Halloween.  He had a “PS hat” and a “PS shirt” and he ‘drove his truck’ all over the house.  The costume will be the beginnings of the Russell dress-up box.  He just loved it too much.

The Saturday before Halloween they went to a birthday party for another adorable little dude.  It was a Halloween party – so Little O strutted his stuff.  They went straight from there to the Halloween party at church. Wow – lots of fun there, BUT the Huz and Keet finished the day in a sort of pizza/cupcake coma.  Too much Pizza. Too much cupcakes.

THEN, on Sunday they took Little O trick-or-treating.  They met their adorable little friend, Ilan, who was a dragon with his mama the Dragon Trainer and his dad – the Dad.  The boys sat in the wagon and went to about 5 houses before there were tears.  It’s a weird thing – telling the kids to go up to a strange door and ask for candy and walk away.  Eventually, Little O got it and then he was all “more candy”.  He never did say “trick or treat” at the right time – his shyness gets very selective, but he did tell one guy he needed to “go back to work”.  OOPS.
When they got home, the Parakeet thought it would be cute to take his picture next to the Jack-O-Lantern.  Little O who had eaten peanut butter and jelly, pizza and cupcakes for a day and a half thought otherwise.  Sugar overload and Toddler Meltdown.  It took him a while to fall asleep, but for the most part they all survived Halloween.