Amazing. Beautiful. Relaxing.

Looking back on 2010 – a MAJOR highlight was the big vacation.

The Parakeet and the Huz were fortunate enough to go on a Seven Day Cruise to the Western Caribbean during October.  The break was even better than they anticipated.  It has been a busy, stressful year (apparently that’s going around) and it was incredibly nice to totally unplug (no cell phone) and get away together.  The Parakeet and Huz have been working hard to work for themselves this year, which hasn’t always meant a lot of time together.  It was extra special to have seven full days with each other over their eighth wedding anniversary.  Eight Years?  Wowsa.  The reward was even sweeter, because the Parakeet earned the trip through Arbonne.  Nothing like a Vacay on the company!

The whole trip started in Lake Mary.  GB got to have all of her kids and grandkids in one place for nearly 24 hrs!  Everyone got to meet Baby Kellen and see his baptism. Beyond adorable! He already looks like his dad.
Now – the three other children 3 yrs and under crawling and climbing through one pew during service with a single tupperware of cheerios between them was its own hilarity.
GB and Poppy’s house did seem very loud.  It is like the family has grown instantaneously.  Within a couple of weeks of this trip, Uncle J also got engaged – so it’s just getting bigger all the time – for real.

So late to the party, but hopefully this photos will give you a taste!

pet a stingray in Grand Cayman
The Huz on the Rock Wall (Keet did it too, but no time for pics)

hike in Cozumel

resort at Labadee

looking at the ship from the beach on Labadee

view from the deck

they totally scored and had a private balcony on the 8th floor

one of the formal nights

lobster night. really though – every night was such amazing food. The Keet and Huz would order three entrees to try together – prices on a menu now are so strange!


2 responses to “Amazing. Beautiful. Relaxing.

  1. Come on–those pictures are so small I can’t even see your cute dress! 🙂 Looks A-MAZ-ING!

  2. I know. I stole the pics off facebook, and somehow that makes them itty bitty

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