With the Little O

The Parakeet loves to talk about all the different hats she wears.  The truth is, though, that most of her time is at home with the Little O.  Or Out with the Little O.  The other stuff is sometimes exciting and sometimes obligatory, but the bulk of her time is still with the O-ster.

As an active two-year old boy, this winter in the city is proving a challenge.  He sometimes literally walks in circles yellling.  She has been trying to get creative with him and they certainly had plenty of Christmas activities to help through December. Craft projects are engrossing for O and help pass a frigid morning.

Last week, the Parakeet decided they would celebrate Epiphany.  They made felt crowns and read the story from the bible of the wise men visiting Jesus.  O LOVED making the crowns.  They had never used glitter before.  The plan was to have one for mom, dad, and him to wear for dinner.   They never actually got them on their heads, but it was a fun project nonetheless.  Now, the Parakeet is just deciding whether to keep them for next year or toss them to have less stuff sitting around.

To follow-up with this activity, the family went to the earlier service at church last Sunday because the Wise-Men were going to process and bring their gifts.  O doesn’t usually sit in service – he usually goes straight to nursery. But, he was excited to see the “kings” and the “wise-men”.   He watched them with a lot of interest and as they processed out, he turned to his Mom and said, “Wise-men have to go to their cars now”.
So, he kind of gets it?



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