Out and About

The Parakeet mentioned that she and the O are getting more creative at home combating cabin fever.  They do get out of the house – please don’t worry.
Last Friday, The Keet took Little O to the Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier.  O was very excited to go because he was prepped that he would see a Fire Truck.
Wow – Did they have to see a Fire Truck! His little voice was going “where’s the fire truck? where’s the fire truck? where’s the fire truck?” so much as they were waiting in line that the Parakeet double-checked with the receptionist,
“Please tell me you still have a fire truck here.”
“Oh yeah” she reassured them.
“Thank goodness” the Parakeet managed out loud. How she would deal with that disappointment she wasn’t sure.
She was not prepared for just how much Little O would love this museum.  Each exhibit was better than the last for him.  She pretty much had to bribe him to leave.  Chicago Parents: He seemed the perfect age for this place. So, take your two and three-year olds downtown.
His favorites included shopping in the grocery store, putting gas in a car, playing at the water table, climbing in a tree house, ‘fishing’ for salamanders…..the list could go on and on.  He got so warm from running different places that the Parakeet had to take off his sweater.  His little red cheeks betrayed his emotions.  He hardly stopped for the bathroom or water. ADORABLE.  If the parking weren’t so crazy expensive, she’d make it a regular trip.  For now- it will be a treat.


One response to “Out and About

  1. Grandpa & Grandma

    Welcome back, Sara! We missed you, but we knew you were busy. It’s really nice to hear about O again, and to see his pretty face. We love you all. Grandpa & Grandma

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